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Each year we partner with local schools, community groups and individuals and help them make films about history, heritage, the environment or any other subject important to them.

Visit our Youtube Channel to watch the films.

Filmmaking in Schools Programme

Local Legends (2024) - A series of 10 short films made by pupils from St Garvan's and St Joseph's with John D Ruddy bringing local tales, history and people to life. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.


St Garvan’s N.S. Shorts (2023) - A series of three short films created by pupils with John D Ruddy. Expect time travel, ghosts and a police cameo. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.

Little Angels (2023) - A short documentary by Camilla Meegan and Kieran Kelly (DNK Media Productions) and staff at Little Angels, a school for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) based in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.

Interview with my Grandparents (2023) - Pupils from St Joseph’s N.S. interview their grandparents. What tales will they uncover? Edited by Paul Deeney and funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation. Full film to be launched in Spring 2023, but you can watch a 10-minute preview.

We Share the Air (2022) - Short animated film made by pupils from St Garvans N.S. and John D Ruddy with an inspiring message about helping planet earth. Helping planet earth is really important, climate change affects us all so we need to do our part, people need to start helping the planet before it is too late! Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.

One-Minute Films by Mulroy College (2022) - A series of one-minute films made by Transition Year students from Mulroy College during a film camp with Camilla Meegan and Kieran Kelly (Poca Productions) in November 2021. by the Tomar Trust Foundation.

Saol Cholmcille: The Life of St Colmcille (2021) - Animation film about St Colmcille by pupils from St Joseph’s N.S. made with Cormac O’Kane.


The Three Little Caterpillars (2020) - Animation short about the cycle of a butterfly made by 1st and 2nd class pupils at St Joseph’s N.S., Cormac O’Kane (ATU Donegal) and the Rathmullan Clean Coasts Group


The Untold Story of the Women of the Flight of the Earls (2020) - Everybody knows The Flight of the Earls story, but only a few know what happened to the women affected by it. Young filmmakers from St Joseph's N.S. and St Garvan's N.S. came together to uncover their untold stories during a film camp led by the Nerve Centre, PRONI and the Rathmullan & District Local History Society. Funded by Making the Future (EU PEACE IV Programme).


Local Histories (2019) - A compilation of four local stories written, performed and directed by pupils from St Garvan’s N.S in partnership with the Nerve Centre. Funded by Making the Future (EU PEACE IV Programme).


Children Can't Resist (2019) - The classic story of Hansel & Gretel is given a modern twist by 3rd and 4th class pupils from St Joseph’s N.S and Cormac O’Kane (ATU Donegal). Winner of ‘Outstanding Animation’ at FIS Award 2019.


Claymation Compilation (2019) - Compilation of short films made during a Claymation workshop by Cormac O’Kane (LYIT) during the festival.


Gone But Not Forgotten (2018) - The story of the Flight of the Earls told by 5th & 6th class pupils from St Joseph’s N.S and Cormac O’Kane (Atu Donegal). Winner of ‘Outstanding Animation’ at FIS Award 2018.

Shorts & Feature Films

The Woodland in Fanad (2022) - A short film by Monica Santos & Martin Kelly about two people with a passion for trees in a landscape without. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.


Rathmullan by the Sea: The 19th-century story (2022) - This short documentary by Áine Ní Dhuibhne takes a trip down memory lane in 19th century Rathmullan. The story is told in words and images that help recreate for us, the life and times of Rathmullan people, throughout a century of great change. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.


The voice of the Sea (2022) - Discover the magic of the sea and what it means to the people who live in and visit Rathmullan from those who use it to the voice of Lough Swilly itself. Katie McAteer goes deep with this short film dedicated to one of Rathmullan’s most prized possessions. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.


The Story of our Post Office: 50 Years (2021) - A short film about the 50 years of Rathmullan Post Office told by those involved. From operating the switchboard to working in a pandemic, a lot has changed in 50 years. Made by Monica Santos, Martin Kelly, Luc Kelly and Kate Kelly.


The Magnificent 7 (2021) - A brief recollection of a famous soccer game in Cranford. Directed by Paul Deeney.


Rathmullan Community Fest (2021) – We digitised Maurice Kelly’s 2001 video which captures the community spirit of Rathmullan, its people and the many visitors that frequent the seaside hamlet each summer.


Life Under Lockdown (2021) - A short film by Paul Deeney about lockdown life in Rathmullan.


Jim Sheridan: A Life in Football (2020) - Directed by locals Paul Deeney & Maurice Kelly the film documents Jim Sheridan’s long & distinguished career in football. With a family background steeped in soccer tradition, Jim’s football career as a player & a manager spanned 6 decades - from beach soccer & summer cups in Rathmullan to managing a local junior side in Sligo, FAI Cup glory with Finn Harps, & captaining Ireland in Olympic qualifying tournaments. 


Memories from the Pier Hotel (2019) - A feature documentary about the Deeney family who ran the business through its various phases. Film made by Paul Deeney.


Shooting Starts (2019) - Made by Belfast filmmaker Elspeth Visher (Vish Films), ’Shooting Stars' celebrates the children and coaches at Rathmullan Celtic F.C. and the great work of the academy.


Rathmullan Then and Now (2018) - Montage of before and then photographs made by Rathmullan’s photographer-in-residence Paul Deeney.


The Battery: Rathmullan’s Iconic Fort (2018) - The film uncovers the history and stories behind one of Rathumullan’s most iconic buildings: the Battery. Directed by Film Fest crew Laura Aguiar, Paul Deeney and Jeremy Howard.


Fright of the Earls (2017) - A short film by the Film Festival crew about the first Fright of the Earls Halloween event to take place in the Battery.

From Arthur Lynch’s Archives

Innistrahull  - The film is in memory of an island almost forgotten in Ireland (except for the people of north Inishowen). When you mention Inistrahull people say “Inis who”. A book recently released by eminent historian Diarmid Ferriter makes scant reference to Innistrahull, so Arthur decided to go where the big networks were not interested in.


The Burtonport Extension & Its People - A documentary film made  in 2020 about the railway line between Letterkenny and Burtonport. DVD also available for sale. Please contact Arthur to place your order:


Rathmullan Pier Opening in 1957 - A short documentary about the opening of the Rathmullan Pier on Wednesday 21 August in 1957.


Regatta Day - The Regatta is an event that has been in existence for around 190 years, this particular one was filmed by Willie McElwee from Milford on a 16mm cine camera in 1960. The oil tankers anchored out at sea were owned by Shell Oil, they were awaiting scrapping as they were not allowed to go through the Suez during the Cold War and it wasn’t economically viable to send them around the Cape of Africa.


Cranford Bike Race - Footage of the Cranford Bike Race. The Cranford is the oldest athletic club in Donegal, this is a bike race from Logue’s of Cranford via Milford and Kilmacrennan and back to Cranford again.


St Garvans NS: The First 75 Years - A series of interviews with people who attended the school from the time it opened in the thirties, the forties, the fifties, and each decade up to the noughties when Arthur did this project.

Special Projects

Where's your Nearest Defib, Sir? (2024)  - A football coach suffers a heart attack during a kid's football training - will they remember their first aid training, and more importantly where their nearest defib is? Film made by the local responder's group with guidance from the University of Ulster's Cinematic Arts students. Funded by the Tomar Trust Foundation.


What's the Story? Film Challenge (2024) - 12 filmmakers based in Donegal and Derry came together online for two weeks to use the power of editing and music to creatively re-use archival footage and make a 3-minute film. Funded by Northern Ireland Screen.

Northwest Film Challenge (2023) -  We joined forces with Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI to bring filmmakers from Derry and Donegal together (virtually) to write, shoot and edit a film in two weeks. The films are accessible via the Digital Film Archive website.


Reel Northwest (2023) - A special screening of snapshots of life in Derry and Donegal from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive with an original soundtrack by northwest musicians. Funded by Northern Ireland Screen.


The Two-Day Film Challenge (2022) - Donegal and Wexford joined forces to bring filmmakers from both counties together (virtually) to write, shoot and edit a film in two days. The project was delivered with Screen Wexford and Donegal Film Office and funded by Screen Ireland.


Rathmullan Rescore: Early Films Soundtrack (2021) - Eight Donegal musicians were commissioned by the Regional Cultural Centre to compose music for early cinema and animation films. Check out their incredible creations.


Make Film History (2021) – A virtual film camp for a group of young filmmakers based in Donegal & Derry led by the Making the Future & Make Film History projects. Over the course of three weeks, they gained access to archives such as the IFI, BBC and BFI and made short films re-purposing archival footage.


Nosferatu With a Live Score (2020) - Screening of the 1922 classic film Nosferatu accompanied by a live soundtrack provided by musicians from across the county led by Ramelton band Aul Boy.


Man of Aran with a Live Score (2018) - Screening of Robert Flaherty’s classic with a newly composed live score by a host of local musicians. Funded by the Regional Cultural Centre.

Social Media Campaigns

Legends Next Door: Celebrating Local Heroes (2024) - A social media campaign inviting under 15s to reveal to bring their heroes' stories to life. Films by Harri Nepal, Dillon Gallagher, Zara-Rose Sheridan, the Hardings & McKinley's, and Where's Your Nearest Defib, Sir group.


Tell Us a Story (2023) - A social media campaign inviting under 15s to share with us their favourite stories on screen - be it a person they're inspired by, a place they love, a moment in history or something completely fictional. Films by Harri Nepal, Dillon Gallagher, Zara-Rose Sheridan, Darcy-Leigh Sheridan and Belinda Sheridan.


Love Rathmullan (2021) - a compilation of short videos by locals showcasing their love for Rathmullan.


Lockdown Rathmullan (2020) - a compilation of short videos by locals documenting how we in Rathmullan experienced the early stages of this difficult, but historically important, period.

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