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Our first in-person festival since 2020 will take place from Thursday, 16th - 19th February 2023. This year we are inviting you to share with us your favourite stories on screen.


This year's film challenge is the perfect opportunity for kids under 15, who are based in and around Rathmullan, to showcase their creativity and tell a story about anything they want through filmmaking.


Be it a person they're inspired by, a place they love, a moment in history or something completely fictional, we want to see the story come to life.

All of the films will be shown at one of the biggest nights of the year, our annual Gala Night where there will be an Oscars ceremony and prizes. 

We are launching our #TellUsAStory campaign and are inviting budding filmmakers to create a short clip that captures a story you want to tell. Do you have a grandparent who is full of interesting stories of days gone by? Do you have a great imagination and want to make up a story? Is there a place or a moment in time you want to tell us something about?

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Create a short film - max 2 mins - using your phone, tablet, or whatever’s easiest for you!

  • Tell us a story about anything you like.

  • Submit to our email using

  • Please include your name, age and contact details. You can also tell us in a few lines what your film is about.

  • Your film will be shown at our Gala Night on Thursday, 16th February, 7-8pm.

  • The best film will be chosen by the Film Fest team & will win a great prize.


Some housekeeping rules:

  • DO NOT film other people without their consent (they have to agree to be filmed AND agree to the film being used and shared publicly)

  • DO NOT share files directly to our Facebook or upload them to your own social media.

  • By submitting your video to us, you’re confirming that all rules were followed and consent is given to the Film Festival for the film to be used online and to be archived.

  • Second deadline: 30 January

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